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About Misfit Model 3D Source

Misfit Model 3D source code is available for download. The source code is buildable on Unix-like systems (including Mac OS X, for mm3d versions 1.1.7 and later) and on Microsoft Windows (for mm3d versions 1.1.4 and later).

There are stable and development versions available for download. Version numbers are of the form MAJOR dot MINOR dot PATCH. An even number for MINOR indicates a stable release, an odd number for MINOR indicates a development release. For example 1.2.0 is a stable release. 1.3.0 is a development release (this is similar to the old Linux kernel version number scheme).

Misfit Model 3D is known to run on all major Linux distributions, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows XP Pro.

For Unix-like systems you must have devel packages for Qt and OpenGL support (probably Mesa if you are on Linux). You do not have to have a 3D-accelerated video card, though an accelerated card with proper drivers will certainly give you better performance.

If you are interested in maintaining a packaged binary version of Misfit Model 3D, contact me.

For installation instructions, see Install.

Download Version 1.2 -- Latest Stable Version.

Stable versions are intended for end users. Stable versions should be relatively free of bugs and have up-to-date documentation. Features will be implemented completely and behave as expected.

The latest stable version is 1.2.4. After following this link, click on the "Source .gz" line to download the source from a Source Forge mirror.

Other stable versions can be found on the stable releases page.

Download Version 1.3 -- Latest Development Version

Development releases are unstable releases of Misfit Model 3D that contain new features. They may be buggy and broken. You should only use a development release if you want to try the newest features and are willing to endure the potential problems that come with new code.

The most recent development release breaks binary compatibility with plugins from previous versions. You must recompile and reinstall any plugins you are using

The latest development version is 1.3.8. After following this link, click on the "Source .gz" line to download the source from a Source Forge mirror.

Other development versions can be found on the development releases page.

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