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How To Help

Development Status

Misfit Model 3D is no longer under active development.

Coding Tasks

  • A GPL, LGPL, or BSD (non-advertising) triangle stripping module (needed for licensing reasons)
  • More primitive creation and manipulation tool plugins (complex mesh structures, etc...)
  • A better texture-mapping interface (this may become a separate program)
  • More model filter plugins
  • Add features to the development branch (see the Contributing Code section on the development page for details)

If you want to contribute source code in the form of patches or plugins, see the Development page for details.

Non-Coding Tasks

  • Send an encouraging email
  • Help me pay my web hosting bill
  • Translate the user-interface to another language
  • Report any bugs you find
  • Request features you most want to see
  • Test Misfit Model 3D on multiple platforms
  • Make toolbar icons for Misfit Model 3D that actually look good
  • Write a model creation tutorial for Misfit Model 3D with screenshots
  • Create good-looking models that can be redistributed to users so they can play around with Misfit Model 3D without having to create entire models from scratch

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