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When will the next release be?

Are you planning to implement feature X?

Misfit Model 3D is no longer under active development.

Can you make a filter for format X?

See the notes on Requested Formats.

Does MM3D support Qt 4.x?

Yes. MM3D can be built with Qt 4.x using the Qt3 compatibility layer. MM3D will be completely ported to Qt 4.x around the time that KDE 4.0 is available.

On Windows, Qt 4.x is the only supported version. On Unix-like systems (Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X), Misfit Model 3D will not auto-detect the presence of Qt 4. However, it will compile and link with Qt 4 if you explicitly tell ./configure to do so using the --with-Qt-dir command line option.

See the Install page for details.


I have Lua installed but MM3D is not detecting it. What is wrong?

Don't worry about it. There are no Lua scripts for MM3D. No one uses it. You don't need Lua support. Really.

MM3D requires Lua to be built as a shared library. The default Lua build configuration does not build shared libraries. Recent versions do not even have a build rule for shared libraries. This dependency was causing problems for a number of users so I have disabled Lua support by default. While Lua support is still present, feature is no longer maintained and may be removed in a future release. For now if you want to re-enable it see the lua configure options by running:

./configure --help


I have some code changes I would like to submit to you. How can I send you my changes?

It's very unlikely that I'd release a new version of the code. If you still want to try...

If your changes are a new tool, command, filter, or other set of self-contained files, you can simply create a zip archive or tarball and email those files to me.

If your changes are modifications to existing files, the best way to send changes is by sending a unified diff to me in email. In your email, be sure to include a description of what the patch does. Also note which version of the source code you made your patch from.

If your change is to a single file, make a copy of the original file, use the Unix diff utility to compare against the modified file, and redirect the output to a patch file. The following example compares file.cc.bak to file.cc and saves the results to patch.diff.

diff -up file.cc.bak file.cc > patch.diff

If your change is to multiple files, make a copy of the entire src directory after you have successfully built the program. Make your changes and then use diff to compare the original src directory against your new src directory. In the example below, the original src directory is src.bak.

diff -urpN src.bak src > newpatch.diff

It is a good idea to compress the patch with zip or gzip before attaching it to your email, though this is not required.

Binary Packages

Why do you provide a binary version for Windows but not for other platforms?

In general I avoid providing binary releases because I do not have time to test them thoroughly. For Linux and FreeBSD ./configure works well and users are familiar with this as an install process. I make an exception for Windows because it is easier to provide an installer than it is to help people through the Windows build process.

I can create a binary build for [Linux Distro]. Would you like me to send it to you?

Ubuntu includes mm3d in the apt repository. Other distros may provide binaries as well.

I'm having problems with the Mac OS X port. What is up with that?

I do not have access to Mac OS X at all. Any support for OS X is done through patches from other OS X users. You can try to get help by sending emails to the developer's mailing list since I won't be able to help you directly.

If your problem is a build problem (you cannot get MM3D to compile) try getting a 3rd-party binary version.

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